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DMM Triple Attachment Pulley


DMM Triple Attachment Pulley is perhaps the most favorite 3 hole pulley amongst tree climbers. It forms an integral component of the hitch climber system and the third hole can be used to connect to a secondary anchoring point.

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The Triple Attachment Pulley forms an integral part of the renowned Hitch Climber System and is a firm favourite of working at height professionals the world over. The three hole construction makes rigging and organising much simpler and allows for off-centre hanging to minimise rope to pulley friction.


  • Triple attachment points for special applications
  • Hot forged 2014 T6 aluminum side plates provide strength and durability
  • Heat treated 174PH stainless steel spindles for high strength and corrosion resistance
  • Pre-lubricated sintered bronze bearings for ultra smooth operation
  • Riveted and tamperproof assembly
  • Recommended for arborists and rescue applications
  • Rapide version incorporates roller bearing sheave for higher efficiency
  • Individually marked for traceability
  • Suitable for up to 14mm diameter ropes


ABS: 30kN

Length: 94mm

Width: 68mm

Weight: 120g

Capacity: 14mm

Rope Efficiency: 70%





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