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Multi Pro Soft Rig Slings


12-Strand Multi Colored Polyester Soft Rig Slings are used as a low stretch anchor point for Arborists and Utility contractors.

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Designed for use as a rigging tool or anchoring sling, the All Gear Multi Pro Soft Rig Sling serves as a low stretch anchor point for arborists and utility contractors. It features a 3-ft ballistic nylon outer jacket that slides to cover the rig point eyes for better strength. Coated with with premium clear Husky Urethane, it ensures excellent resistance to abrasion. The Multi Pro Soft Rig Sling is extremely easy to setup as well – it can be rigged through the low friction ring.

Available in various sizes, it also comes in different colors for easy identification and better visibility.


Key Benefits

  • Protective Sleeve on wear point greatly extends the life of your sling.
  • Super Easy to Set-up and Rig through the Low Friction Ring.
  • Polyester Husky Urethan Coating is very resistant to abrasion.
  • Color coded Blue, Red, Orange and Green for easy Size Differentiation and Visibility.
SizeWorking Load LimitWeightColor
1/2″ x 8′1,980 lbs3.0 lbsMulticolored Blue
5/8″ x 10′2,880 lbs4 lbsMulticolored Red
3/4″ x 5′3,780 lbs5.5 lbsMulticolored Orange
3/4″ x 10′3,780 lbs5.5 lbsMulticolored Orange
7/8″ x 10′5,760 lbs9 lbsMulticolored Green



All Gear

All Gear

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