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Notch Jetstep foot ascender


Notch Jetstep Foot Ascender reduces drag during your ascents and can be used either on your right or left foot.

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Notch Equipment

One of the most important features that we like about Notch’s Jetstep foot ascender is its capacity to reduce rope drag to the lowest of any available foot ascender in the market. In practical terms, this means that your ascents will be smoother and easier first steps as you won’t have to counterweight the rope or reach down to pull the rope through the device.

Another important feature is its dual cam system which applies pressure on both sides of the rope simultaneously and the ribbed cam instead of barbs reduce rope damage and prevents accidental kick outs.

Last but not least, this foot ascender can be used either on your right or left foot.

Features :
• Unique dual cam design results in lower spring tension and reduced drag
• Toothless cams eliminate virtually all rope wear and provide increased grip strength on wet, muddy and frozen ropes
• Lower drag from decreased spring tension provides efficient self-tending of the climbing line
• Ambidextrous


COLOR: Green

MATERIAL: Aluminum

ROPE CAPACITY: 5/16 to 1/2 in (8 to 13 mm)



Notch Equipment

Notch Equipment


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